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  • Arbol de la Vida, mixed media on canvas, 2005
    Price On Request
  • El Ciego, mixed media on canvas, 2005
    Price On Request
  • La Laguna, mixed media on canvas, 2005
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  • La Mano Poderosa II, mixed media, 2008

    La Mano Poderosa (Powerful Hand) is a Catholic votive symbol depicting Catholic saints on the fingers of God. Joel Jover has experimented with this image in different ways, composing spiritual if not necessarily Christian images. This piece consists of old books, gesso, tin from Cuban beer cans, and plaster saints.

    Price On Request
  • La Mano Poderosa, mixed media and wood, 1999
    Price On Request
  • Untitled (Spiral) mixed media on canvas, 2006
    Price On Request
  • Untitled (Woman), mixed media on canvas, 2007
    Price On Request
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Cuba: Joel Jover

Joel Jover Llenderosas is a contemporary Cuban artist living and working in Camaguey, Cuba. In addition to innovative painting techniques he is known for his stunning mixed-media/collage pieces using such diverse repurposed materials such as Cuban beer cans, paperback books and plaster saints. While Jover’s works address a range of themes, a predominant one reflects aspects religiosity and spirituality as they exist throughout Cuban culture, blending Catholic with Afro-Cuban cultural traits and imagery.


Jover's works have been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Cuba and in museums and galleries throughout Europe, the United States, and elsewhere, and are part of private collections world-wide.

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Cuba: Joel Jover
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