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  • Yvonne Robert, SOLD
    Yvonne Robert was born in southern France in 1922. One of many children of poor farmers she experienced both abuse and depression. After experimenting with painting in her later years she kept painting rural scenes, animals, flowers and details of her life of hardship, all mixed with the joy of being alive.
  • Jean-Christophe Philippi, Untitled 1, gouache on paper, 20x25
    Jean-Christophe Philippi was born in Strasbourg in 1963. He started drawing at the age of 13 and became increasingly focused on painting and drawing. During a career as a French professor, interrupted by bouts of depression, he kept painting, depicting anthropomorphic forms with intense and haunting expressions. He lives and paints in Paris.
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  • Yvonne Robert, In May one Makes Dung Pies, acrylic on canvas, 18x24
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  • Yvonne Robert, Sweet Promenade, acrylic on canvas, 15x22, 2000
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  • Pancho Cruz, Untitled 4, crayon on paper, 17.5x23
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  • Yvonne Robert, Cigale and Estne, acrylic on canvas, 18x24 ,2003
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  • Jean-Christophe Philippi, Untitled 2, crayon on paper, 23x16.5
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  • Pierre Silvin, Untitled, lead pencil on paper, 25x18, 1997

    Born near Bordeaux in 1959, Pierre Silvin lives in the Gironde region of France. Besides France, his works have been exhibited in the United States and throughout Europe and are part of numerous private and public collections inclusing the "Neuve Invention" section of the Collection de l'Art Brut in Lausanne.
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  • Jean-Christophe Philippi, Untitled 3, gouache on newspaper, 25x18.5
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  • Gerard Sendrey, Untitled, watercoloran ink on film paper, 14x10, 1999
    Gerard Sendrey’s art is included in many private and public collections, including the permanent collections of the Collection de L’Art Brut in Lausanne, L’Aracine in Villeneuve D’Ascq, the Fabuloserie in Dicy and Le Centre de Diffusion D’art en Marge in Brussels, the Museum de Stadshof in Zwolle and the Museum of American Folk Art in New York.
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European Self-Taught Artists


The MARIPOSA collection includes a variety of two-dimensional images by European artists, including “naïf”, folk and “visionary” paintings. Among the artists featured are Yvonne Robert, Jean-Christophe Philippi, Gerard Sendrey, and others.


Please view also the images in the "visionary/ intuitive/ ”outsider” art portfolio.

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European Self-Taught Artists
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