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  • Colada Mágica, acrylic on canvas, 2006
    Price On Request
  • Coleccionistas, mixed media on paper, 2007
    Price On Request
  • Que Viva Chango, acrylic and ink on paper, 2003
    Price On Request
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Jose Montebravo (1953-2010) from Cienfuegos, Cuba, was a self-taught painter who is known for his  depiction of fantasy scenes with groups of people surrounded by birds, winged creatures, allegorical symbols and, occasionally, numbers and text. Whatever the image, there are typically several layers of meanings embedded in a particular piece of work. Montebravo had his first solo exhibition in the early 1980's. For decades he exhibited individually and in group shows, in Europe and the United States as well as Cuba. Today his works are collected all over the world.

Please read our blog on this website: Jose Montebravo's Tombstone - Homage to a Great Artist

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