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  • Eleggua, mixed media sculpture, 23x35x2.5, 2007
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  • Oshosi, metal and paint, 2006

    This exquisite metal sculpture by Salvador Gonzalez Escalona depicts Oshosi, the Yoruba warrior god who is a powerful hunter and rules over natural forces.



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  • Eleggua, mixed media on paper, 2007

    This mixed media painting by Salvador Gonzalez depicts Eleggua, the Yoruba messenger god, ruler of the crossroads, who plays an important part in the Cuban santería pantheon as the go-between between humans and the divine.

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Cuba: Salvador Gonzalez

Salvador Gonzalez Escalona (Camaguey1948, Havana 2021) lived and worked in Havana for most of his adult life. While his work is widely known as "Afro-Cuban" style, Salvador himself described it as a mix of surrealism, cubism and abstract art. Without any formal training he had his first art exhibition , "Arte Popular Cubano", in the "Museo de Artes Decorativas" in Havana, in 1968. Since the mid-1980’s he has had exhibitions and commissioned works in Cuba, Europe, Latin America and the United States, including New York and Philadelphia. 


In 1990 he began murals and sculptures in the now well-known Callejón de Hamel alleyway near the University of Havana, incorporating discarded objects like bathtubs, hand pumps, pin wheels, scrap metal, and any kind of available paint. Despite initial difficulties he was inspired by local inhabitants and visitors to continue his work, and little by little, the street was transformed from a slum area to into a vibrant Afro-Cuban cultural space and street art gallery that attracts visitors from all over the world.


Salvador Gonzalez died in Havana in April 2021.

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Cuba: Salvador Gonzalez
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